About Us
Keystone’s owner, Kristopher Yaun, grew up on Guemes Island and attended Anacortes High School, graduating in 1988. His parents, Tom and Barbara, instilled hard working values in him and showed him those values in their daily lives.

Office - Downtown Anacortes, WA

He has been working with his hands building and creating from a young age. His father taught him how to weld at a young age, he stood side by side with his dad working on cars. It was his father that showed him how to use his hands to fix and build, to take a task, put your heart into it and make it something to be proud of.

At 18, after graduation, Kristopher moved to New York to live and work with family. During this time, Kristopher, learned the ins and outs of construction and his desire to make this his profession grew.

Returning to Washington, Kristopher started working for a local General Contractor and gained additional experience. After working for others, the time had come to open his own General Contractor business. So, in August of 2013, Keystone Building Services, LLC was born.

From the start, Kristopher, and the 3-man crew that he hand picked, began to make their mark on the Anacortes construction scene. Starting with small jobs, decks, sheds, one-room remodels, etc., Keystone Building Services, Kristopher, and our crew became known for quality workmanship and a pleasure to do business with. This led to more extensive projects; custom homes, commercial spaces, and complete home remodels. Keystone Building Services, LLC now has 9 full-time employees and the majority of our projects are based off of references from happy, former customers.